Winter Drives

the car ate up the pavement as it glided along the open road

the descending sun reflected off the windows

sending rays of light into the glittering eyes

watching behind the crystal specked window

the mountains loomed at the horizon

dips and rises cascaded across the sky

spanning like a majestically crafted barricade

they stood undaunted

the ridges were glistening with a layer of snow on its floor

the ground was visible through the gaps

between the skeletons’ of trees whose  once thriving branches

now stood bare and reaching out for life

the vast plains were only interrupted

by the poured concrete of the road and the base of the mountain

snow covered wisps of dead brush blew across the fields

their hands pulling towards the summit

the scene coated with a layer of ice

mirrored more light from the sinking sun

with each fleeting second dissolving the view

my eyes tried to travel across the glistening earth

when time eats away miles of road

it suddenly becomes more important

to soak in the land

before it’s lost in the rear view mirror


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