The Power of Our Words

A simple string of words can weave around one’s mind, reshaping outlooks and changing worlds. A few syllables tossed casually from one person to the next can follow them into the night, interrupting their sleep with the lasting resonance of someone else’s words pulsing through their brain. It’s strange to think how much influence we have, how much power we unknowingly hold in our hands. A simple sentence laced with kindness could meet the ears of someone in need of encouragement. A phrase carelessly said without much consideration could make someone’s day worse than it already was. Our words can weigh more than they appear and can last longer than we can see. Most of the time our words fade into distant irretrievable flecks never to be seen again. But because of the ones that linger dormant in the unexpected minds of the susceptible, we should speak carefully because we don’t know what combination of syllables might remain.


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