A Light That Never Goes Out

When your dreams surface into existence bubbling up from the depths of your soul, don’t let the garish light of other people’s reality drain their color. Those fluorescent lights, they’re man made. Like their cynicism they only glow because someone continues to replace the lightbulb. Instead bring your dreams out into nature. Let the wind sweep them off their feet, teaching them the purity of freedom. Let the the grass caress them with each emerald blade, showing them the beauty of individuality. Let the seashore burry them with archaic grains of sand, telling them how eroding away from a bigger rock can exhilarate their lungs with passion. Don’t let your dreams fade into the doldrums of mediocrity. Let them free at the rising of the sun or the first white glow of moonlight, for these have endured since the beginning. Blanketing the world with color and illuminating all that is true, these lights never goes out.


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