The Only Remnants

Here’s a sonnet that I recently had to write for my English class. We’ve been taking a look at some of Shakespeare’s sonnets and are now experimenting with our own.

A picture I took a few days ago.

A picture I took a few days ago.

And soon we’ll all be numbers etched in stone,
our days faceless and stretched between two dates.
Faded photos in tatters, left alone–
the only remnants of a once rosy face.
With the ever moving tick of the world
day will pass to day and memories will die
fond thoughts and dreams will cease to whirl
neither gold nor silver can it defy.
The stiff rule of the grave’s embrace may not
be bought when life has withered in its way
so while days are long invest in what you’ve got
take all your love and give it away.
Share what clings to your heart, what’s glory filled
by sharing this glory your revel is stilled.


All Too Soon

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them.”
–John Ruskin

all too soon

Today was such a beautiful autumn day. It makes me glad I live in New England.

The dead leaves sweep
through the winding roads
always moving with the wind

The bare trees stretch
out to the distant sky
reaching and reaching

The dim sun fades
into purple dusk
all too soon